"Artists create the world they imagine....."

Come in and experience the latest and greatest pastime in Eastlake! At Daydreams Ceramic Cafe, let your imagination run wild while you "paint-your-own" ceramics.

You don't need to be an artist! Our well trained and highly experienced staff will show you the way and offer hints, techniques and suggestions to make your piece your very own Masterpiece!

Vases, dinnerware, picture frames, collectables, boxes, banks and tea sets are just a few of our special pieces. Paint a one-of-a-kind gift; spend time re-connecting with that special someone; enjoy therapeutic hours thriving off of creative energy; celebrate a birthday party; paint a memorable wedding gift; or freeze a moment in time with your precious baby prints in clay. Whatever the occasion, or maybe for no occasion at all, spend some quality time getting creative and experience the unique thrill of painting ceramics!


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